"I am one hundred percent creatively and spiritually pulled into photography, where I embrace natural lighting, honesty, purity, and unexpected moments as much as possible. I believe that a moment can stand on its own and just "be" in itself; irrepressible.

What a lovely thing: to make time and memories stand still, to have the ability to catch those moments and emotions that we don't realize are there, and then to see it develop into something finite and tangible is just incredible to me. Capturing 'love' and 'dance movement' are my most passionate elements to capture." 


Katie is a retired professional dancer and teacher, who has been perfecting her art of photography for the past 10 years and launched her own company to pursue it full-time. She is based in St. Louis, Missouri and shoots locally and nationally - currently focusing on weddings, lifestyle, and dance performance photography. She highly believes in quality over quantity, and wants ultimately to produce beautiful fine art images to all her clients.

She is available for travel upon request. E-mail to inquire.