Let me start by saying that I am already ecstatic for 2020, not only for my clients and my business, but for my family! This past end of summer/fall/winter season has been the busiest season yet for me. Bookings kept me certainly busy, among my side projects I am passionate for as well. This January, I'll be happy to catch up on all my new blogs and features from my past sessions that I have been just so excited to share but incapable to find the time. It was more important to me to deliver everyone's photos to them and find time for my family, than spend those few moments promoting features that I now have the time to share. Time is so unbelievably precious!

SO, to start my new year off the best way I possibly can, I am beyond blessed to announce that I'll be expecting a new baby this May 2020! Yes, our little sweet Emelia will be getting an extra sweet baby brother, and she is in love already! My husband and I, and our families included, couldn't be happier for this joyous news and we are excited to announce it for the first time welcoming in the New Year with all of you.

Happy New Year! Please enjoy these sweet photos from my family to yours.

Love Always, Katie

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