I love Lindenwood University (LU) and as an alum, I can say that I love their dance program. Every semester they produce an amazing concert to showcase their dancers' and choreographers' hard work, training, talent, and creativity. To get through their program successfully requires discipline, talent, hard work ethic, determination, and focus. The faculty at LU is there to help each student achieve their goals. Each and every one goes above and beyond to help them find their way towards success; using their skills to foster and grow amazing talent in their studios - without limitations you could find at a conservatory.

Dance majors who have graduated from the LU Dance Program have continued on to perform professionally all across America; including: on Broadway in New York, at Disney in Orlando, and various commercial work in LA for music artists. The Dance Program at Lindenwood strives to grow their program every year to be bigger and better, with only the students in mind, by creating new opportunities and bringing in talented guests artists. Known for producing amazing and talented dancers (and, there have been many), I can honestly say that this year LU has one of the best group of students I have seen yet. These students are not only all extremely talented, but they have an electric energy full of workmanship, collaboration, support, and positivity. They light up the stage and don't miss a beat when it comes time for their performance.

I've never been so proud to be an alumni of this program, and I am thoroughly excited to see what these talented and courageous young students go on to do. Learn more about their program and dance degrees they offer at

If you are a prospective student reading this, do not expect this program to hold your hand or coddle you through. You must have responsibility, ambition, integrity, contribution, and be self motivated towards your ultimate goal to become a real professional dancer. This a pre-professional program, after all, truly preparing you for the "real world" to come. Lindenwood University School of Arts, Media, and Communications Real Experiences. Real Success.

©Katie Strzelec, fine art photographer Please remember to credit me when sharing.

Shifting Perspectives Choreography by Tricia Zweier

Metathesiophobia Choreography by Emilie Harty

Dissent Choreography By Lindsay Hawkins

Little Fugue Choreography by Janet Strzelec

State of Emergency Choreography by Betsy Brandt

Making It Up as We Go Choreography by Betsy Brandt

Speaking in Time Choreography by Tracy Dupre

An Evening I Will Not Forget Choreography by Amy Gammon

Breathe for Me Choreography by Kelsey DeRousse

When the Gods Danced Choreography by Janet Strzelec

Aretha Choreography by Janet Strzelec in collaboration with The Lindenwood University Dance Ensemble