Dear LU Dance Choreographers, Dance Students, Performers, & Theatre Tech Students, WOW! You should feel very proud! Your Winter Concert was truly spectacular, and here are the highlights to prove it. In all honesty, I thought it was truly amazing - the pieces you created sparked endless emotions for myself. Performing in the round, and choreographing, is certainly not an easy task. It was your creativity, your ambition, your collaboration, and hours of rehearsal that truly made this concert stand out from the rest. And, what an honor it must be to have the opportunity for artistic expression and to perform in such a fantastic space with such incredible technical possibilities. All of your pieces were beautiful, unique, emotionally touching, and thought provoking. I can't wait to see you in more Lindenwood Concerts, but I'm especially excited to see where your future leads you after. Hope you enjoy these. Feel free to share with friends; please remember to credit me. xoxo, Katie Choreographers to Credit: Madalyn Sexauer, Madison Steitz, Kerryaunna Ross, Mackenzie Roberts, Jacob Sellers, Amber Richards, Kathryn Volker, Leah Fry, Matthew Hansen, Kiersten Pruitt, Victoria Carroll, Sydney Gibbs, Morgan Brockmiller (who was chosen to bring her piece to perform at National Dance Week), and Sydney Gibbs, who was chosen to take her piece to the ACDA Festival. Congratulations Morgan & Sydney! That's very exciting for you both.

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