With their sweet baby girl almost here, we are still pining over the love & emotions that this blessed couple, Kyle and Shelby, were feeling during their amazing maternity session. They were each other's first kiss, first love, first husband & wife, and now they are about to celebrate the arrival of their first baby. They are the definition of "my one and only," and never have I witnessed such devotion and love from two people waiting for their little miracle to arrive. Our session was held at Klondike Park, one of the many places these two often go away to for alone time. Trying to beat the extreme Missouri summer heat, our mother-to-be held no complaint; instead she smiled the entire time. Knowing how uncomfortable the heat was, our brave Shelby took a few steps into the water to get some relief. We didn't mind this fun little moment, as we captured the beautiful photos that came out of it for their mountain boho girl themed nursery. That's right! Shelby and Kyle are expecting a sweet baby girl! Congratulations to the happy and blessed couple! XOXO, Katie

© Katie Strzelec, Fine Art Photography